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C&I Energy Storage

C&I Energy Storage Description


RPT is a professional C&I energy storage manufacturer and supplier. It provides C & i energy storage systems refers to the business and industrial energy storage system used by large energy users to manage its energy needs. Use renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Provide a variety of benefits, including reducing energy costs and improving energy efficiency.


Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

Lithium ion battery, as the most currently used energy storage method, have the advantages of high energy density, fast response rate, long discharge time, etc. Due to their different application scenarios, the lithium ion battery energy storage systems can be divided into three categories:

• The large -scale energy storage system supporting the power grid has a large capacity;
• Industrial and commercial energy storage systems have a small capacity and can be used for spare power supply for shopping malls, data centers, etc.
• The mobile energy storage and energy storage system, as a temporary electricity preservation measure, can cope with temporary maintenance, emergency power supply at high speeds, etc.


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How Long Is The Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System Life


The life of the lithium -ion battery energy storage system may vary from various factors, such as the quality, operating conditions, discharge depth (DOD) and frequency of battery batteries. Generally, according to specific applications and use models, a well -designed and well -maintained lithium -ion battery energy storage system can last 10 to 15 years or longer. But if the battery is often used and discharged regularly, its life span may be shorter. In order to maximize the life of the energy storage system of lithium ion battery, it is very important to follow the charging and emissions of the manufacturer's guidelines.


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