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AGV Batteries

RPTs is leading agv battery manufacturers and company, lithium ion AGV batterie are specially designed for mobile robots, such as AGV, AMR, etc. This serious lithium battery module integrated with intelligent BMS inside, have the characteristics of intelligent control, high stability, high safety, high current charging and discharging, and much less maintenance than lead acid batteries. With this AGV battery, you can reduce downtime and increase productivity.


What is AGV Battery Technology?


AGV battery technology refers to the battery system used to power the electric motors of automated guided vehicles. The battery technology used in AGVs is typically based on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which offer high energy density, long cycle life and fast charging capabilities. Lithium-ion batteries can be designed to meet the specific power and energy requirements of an AGV and can be configured in various form factors depending on the specific application. AGV battery technology also involves the use of advanced battery management systems (BMS) to monitor the battery's state of charge, temperature, etc. parameters and ensure safe and reliable operation.


AGV Lithium Ion Battery For Sale


AGV Battery Systems Composition


RPT offers AGV battery systems typically consist of multiple components that work together to store, deliver and manage the electrical energy needed to power the AGV. Here are some key components:

• Battery unit

It is the main component of the AGV battery system and is responsible for storing the electrical energy that powers the vehicle. Batteries typically consist of lithium-ion or lead-acid chemistries.

• Battery Management System

The BMS is a key component of the AGV battery system, responsible for managing the charging, discharging and overall health of the battery. It ensures safe charging and discharging of the battery and monitors the temperature and voltage of the battery.

• Battery Charger

A battery charger converts AC power from a wall outlet or charging station into DC power that can be used to charge the battery. It is usually integrated with a BMS to ensure the battery is charged safely and efficiently.

• Inverter

The inverter is responsible for converting the battery's DC power into AC power for powering the AGV's motor and other electrical systems.

• Cooling System

The cooling system is responsible for maintaining the optimal temperature of the battery to keep it running safely and efficiently. This can be achieved through a variety of cooling methods, including liquid cooling or air cooling.

• Wiring and Connectors

Wiring and connectors are responsible for connecting all components of the AGV battery system together. They ensure that electrical energy is transported safely and efficiently throughout the system.


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